Paper: Bullet Journaling

I’ve recently discovered the joys of bullet journaling, which has really helped me become more organized (kind of) and keep all of my important stuff in one place, give or take the occasional post-it note that’s still floating around. Bullet journaling is explained in detail on this site but just know there is loads more that can be done: if you’re crafty you can add some decorative embellishments and calligraphy lovers can make it look amazing! Personally, I don’t have a creative bone in my body so I am a bare bones type of bullet journal user. But if you’re interested in finding out more about this awesome analog way of keeping your schedule straight, check out these sites:

Then, when you’re ready to dive in, some suggested items to start with are:


And no bullet journal would be complete without:

I prefer the XS or S nib size for my pens but these are great because they are acid-free and archival quality so they won’t run, smear, or bleed through the paper. Awesome stuff!

Let me know if you’ve been bullet journaling or some of your favorite website where you gather inspiration!