Paper: Bullet Journaling

I’ve recently discovered the joys of bullet journaling, which has really helped me become more organized (kind of) and keep all of my important stuff in one place, give or take the occasional post-it note that’s still floating around. Bullet journaling is explained in detail on this site but just know there is loads more that can be done: if you’re crafty you can add some decorative embellishments and calligraphy lovers can make it look amazing! Personally, I don’t have a creative bone in my body so I am a bare bones type of bullet journal user. But if you’re interested in finding out more about this awesome analog way of keeping your schedule straight, check out these sites:

Then, when you’re ready to dive in, some suggested items to start with are:


And no bullet journal would be complete without:

I prefer the XS or S nib size for my pens but these are great because they are acid-free and archival quality so they won’t run, smear, or bleed through the paper. Awesome stuff!

Let me know if you’ve been bullet journaling or some of your favorite website where you gather inspiration!


Paper: Party Time!!

I don’t know about you, but I love putting together a good party. I’ve got two little girls who share a birthday so the lead up is always exciting and a great time for me to start scouring the internet for awesome party supplies. And there are TONS! A few of my favorites include: Harlow & Grey, Sweet Lulu, and Beau Coup

Harlow & Grey is great for more modern, adult parties but I’ve used some of their stuff for certain themed birthday parties in the past. These plates played a big part in our last soiree:

How beautiful are they?!


Next up, is Sweet Lulu:

These are just a few of my favorites, and they can literally be used for any type of party, or just to spice up a regular night’s dinner! Little ones seem to love that…


Finally, I really like Beau Coup, such cute things for every possible party, great themes to choose from and quality products.

Adorable or what?! I love every single thing and have used the milk glasses before for “mermaid lemonade” and my girls LOVED them!

If you’ve got parties in your future, definitely take a look at these shops, they are game changers and such a nice departure from your typical party store goods.


Paper: Feels Like Spring

Hey guys! I don’t know where you’re all located but I’m in Bermuda and I have to say, the weather is delightful. Having just got back from a little ski trip to Vermont where I was basically a Popsicle the whole time, this is downright refreshing. And yes, it is a bit cold for Bermudian, subtropical standards but damn, I’ll take it! With the weather like this and the birds chirping outside, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these little beauties from Paper Source.  Don’t they just make you want to start writing?!


Paper: Mochi Things

When I was little I was obsessed with going to the Sanrio store at our local mall, begging my dad to take me on the weekend to get a cute little Hello Kitty notebook and pen set. I can even remember crying when he said no, my addiction to all things cute and involving paper having started early apparently. Well, Mochi Things is like the big sister of Sanrio, still kind of cutesy but with a grown up feel. They have all the cool stuff to keep you organised, or at least give the illusion that you are.


Paper: These Labels Are Everything!!


If you’re anything like me, you’ve scrambled around at the last minute looking for an appropriate card to go along with that perfect gift you’re about to give. Or your kids are due at a birthday party like, now, and they still haven’t made their little friend a card to attach lopsidedly to the package you just very hurriedly wrapped (ahem). IF this sounds like you, these Erin Condren labels will save your bacon! They come in the most beautiful designs, stick to virtually anything, and look really lovely on that present that might otherwise look like crap. Seriously, I’ve gotten so many compliments on these things!

Currently residing outside of the United States (well, for the last 10 years actually),  I had no idea that Erin Condren was something you could buy at Staples. I mean, I’ve been buying notebooks and the likes from her website for a bit now and was soooo surprised when I was in Atlanta, walked into a Staples and saw an entire display of EC! I was mildly excited until I realised I still had loads of notebooks to use up before I could feasibly convince my husband it was necessary to haul some back on the plane. Ah well, until next time Staples…